Nordic Fight against Corruption – Challenges, Tools and Results

Dear CSR Legal Research Network,

CEVIA is organizing another conference within the realm of CSR – this time focused on Corruption at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen on September 27-28, 2018.

The conference The Nordic Fight against Corruption aims to bring legal and compliance professionals from Nordics and abroad to one venue in order to promote legal scholarship and in-depth discussion about the fight against corruption. The aim of the conference is to better understand the challenge of corruption inside as well as outside of Nordics, to review the existing legal tools to protect Nordic companies against corruption and to uncover possible corruption practices outside of Nordics. Furthermore, it is the purpose of this conference to provide the participants with the possibility to share their experience and practices. The conference is divided into several panels and workshops.


Time: September 27-28, 2018, 9:00-17:00

Place: Conference/flex room, ground floor, room 8A-0-57, Njalsgade 76, DK-2300 Copenhagen S 

For more information & for registration:

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